Additional Product Information

Download additional resources for your equipment

Additional Product Information

Most product information and downloads are found in the individual product pages.  This page contains some of that same information in an easy to reach place as well as additional information not found elsewhere.

If you are looking for Assembly Manuals for older products, look here.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please fill out our Parts & Service Request Form and we will get you what you need.

Brochures & Sales Flyers


Download the complete M-Series Brochure which includes M-Series Selectorized and M-Series Cable Technology Multi-Jungles.



Download Sales Flyers for the complete 2016-2019 Product Lines


X-Create Packages






X-Siege Packages



X-Series Component Guide

The following download is an illustrative guide to all X-Series components used in Torque Fitness systems.  this is helpful in identifying parts and when customizing.  The guide also provides the model number and lists the compatibility.

Exercise Manuals

The Ultimate TANK Training Guide has all the basic movements you need to start training with TANK. The TANK Movement Library shows twelve basic movements that demonstrate why there is nothing like it on the planet.  The TANK Warm-Up Library shows twelve static and dynamic movements that will get you ready to perform for any activity.  The user guides instruct how to set-up and use the Tow Rope and Tow Kit.

View PDF Guide

View PDF

The 192-page X-Lab Programming Guide illustrates and provides instructions for movements on all of the available training stations on X-Labs.  In addition, it gives instruction on adjustments and the use of various accessories.  The guide also provides workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced class workouts.

Workout Books and Wallcharts

 Workout Books


Wall Charts

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