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Registering your product

We won’t ask you a million survey questions to find out your age, income, and what kind of pet you have, we already know you like the best, which is why you purchased from Torque Fitness. But, registering will help us identify your product and any parts you might need should you ever have a problem in the future. It also allows us to contact you should there ever be a product recall. Torque Fitness uses this information internally only. We do not provide your information to any other party.

Some products come in multiple boxes. Please enter the model and serial number for each. The numbers are printed on the outside corners of the boxes and are also on a label on one of the parts in each box.

We love seeing your gym setup and it gives inspiration to others. So, if you upload a picture, we’ll post it on Facebook, or our website so the world can see.

If you would like to register a commercial X-Lab or X-Rack, simply enter “1” for the number of boxes, and enter the model and serial number for one of the uprights. We would commend anyone who actually would enter all those numbers, but we wouldn’t expect anyone to.

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